Meet Jason Garraway

Health Insurance Consultant


Meet Jason

Jason Garraway has been specializing in offering health insurance SOLUTIONS for individuals, families, small businesses, and the self-employed for close to 15 years.

Recently, with the advent of “Obama-care,” he has found his niche helping people explore all the options available to them – whether through the health care exchange, share-programs, non-compliant plans, or the SHOP marketplace – then offering solutions to help them find quality coverage at an affordable price.

He admits there is no such thing as “perfect insurance”, but if there is a way to solve your health insurance problem, he is committed to finding it!

As if having a full-time career as a health insurance consultant isn’t enough, Jason is also a full-time Residential Specialist with RE/MAX Realty Centre in Wichita, KS, helping home buyers and sellers come together in their real estate transactions.

He provides the same level of service to his real estate clients as he does his health insurance clients. You can check out his real estate website at

More About Jason

Jason loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Jenny, his three children, and his two step children. He is a family man first and foremost, and is genuinely thankful for the good gifts God has given him. He is fully vested in his local church, worshiping regularly at The Well Worship Center in Derby, KS. He is a licensed minister of the Gospel, preaching at The Well as opportunity presents itself, as well as serving in their children’s church, life groups, worship team, and tech ministry. Jason is proud to declare Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and seeks to please Him in all that he does.

Besides church, Jason is active in many other community projects, including serving on the North Wichita YMCA Volunteer Board of Directors since 2012. He also has been highly involved in mentoring young athletes through coaching/directing competitive sports teams, specifically as head coach of the Northside Sluggers, Wolverines Basketball, and coach/club director of El Fuego Volleyball. Jason also serves as Vice President for BNI’s Andover Chapter.

Over his career, Jason has been the recipient of multiple awards from affiliated companies both nationally and regionally, including being named Agency National Leader over a dozen times. He holds several office records, and has clients throughout Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Furthermore, Jason has received designation as being the YMCA Volunteer Campaigner of the Year for 3 of the last 4 years.

I'm here to help!

I will help you find affordable family health insurance plans without all the pressure and hassles.  When you meet with me, you will have a conversation that is for your benefit – not mine!

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