Not all businesses want or need Group Coverage

Health Insurance for Self Employed & Small Business Owners

Plus, we can help your employees find a plan that fits their individual needs.


Small Business Health Insurance Plans are More Affordable than You Think

The cost of healthcare in the US is steadily on the rise, making it impossible for employees and groups to cover rising health insurance costs.  If you are a sole proprietor or a small business owner, you may be wondering about health insurance for yourself or you may have a small team of employees who would like you your business to supplement part of their insurance costs.  

Tradition group coverage has placed limits on small business owners, based on qualifications like the age of the group and other factors that could have prevented you from purchasing group coverage in the past.

When you focus on individual and family options, that are specific to your team, you can step outside of group coverage plans and significantly lower the cost for health insurance. Other factors, such as supplemental insurance options, can help offset co-payments, deductibles, and other expenses out of pocket expenses for yourself and your employees. 

So, who do you turn to put together a long-term affordable strategy that will not only help you provide insurance, but also ensure that you are compliant with current or future laws?  I will help you lay out a plan to offer competitive health benefits for both you and your employees.

Stop Searching for a Group Plan

We will advise you through all the options and create a specific plan to offer competitive health insurance benefits for both you and your employees.

A very good option for health care, Jason walked us and our employees through every step of the process. He even met with one of our employees at their house and stayed around to make sure everything was done correctly and very well understood. Thanks, Jason.

Luke H.

Wichita Health Insurance Consultant

I have over 17 years of experience providing health insurance solutions throughout the State of Kansas.  I have had the pleasure of finding policies for individuals, families, retirees, medicare recipients, farmers, ranchers, and self-employed and small business owners.  I am committed to finding answers to your Dental & Vision Insurance questions and our proven track record shows it. I am passionate about helping you! Let me earn your trust.

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